Panda Friend Shoe Has Sibling Rivalry


On the heels of announcing his new PandaFriend shoe, Metta World “Panda Friend” Peace announced another exclusive release.


The Grizzly Bear shoe.

Metta released a tweet about the new shoe:

“The bear is not detachable. The grizzly bear is a permanent and is the pandas friend! The ears on the side are also not detachable. Enjoy”

In addition to being permanent on the shoe, the grizzly bear shoe also features a real grizzly bear.

This was a definite selling point to Metta, who went on to elaborate:

“Having a real grizzly bear on your shoe adds to the ferociousness of your play!!! RAARR!”

When asked if the grizzly bear might cause problems for wearers, teammates and opponents alike, Metta just flashed his famous broad smile.

“Honestly, I don’t know! We didn’t have time to test it!” he said.

Rumors swirled, however, that at least one pair of PandaFriend shoes had been devoured by its more voracious sibling.

“I don’t respond to rumors,” Metta said. “Only the truth. That’s what I’m after.”

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    Sam Metivier

    He is a grizzled between.

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