Gregg Popovich & Breaking Bad



Gregg Popovich watched the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday night. He emailed his thoughts on the show to all the employees within the Spurs organization this morning. 


I sat on this for a whole day contemplating whether or not I should sent it. Well, I’m sending it and I’m sending it hot.

Do not watch Breaking Bad. It’s trash. A lot of people out there are telling you that isn’t the case, Bonner being one of them. I see you, Matt. I hear everything.

I’m here to tell you all that you will waste your life if you watch that series. The show will sing to your for entire seasons. You’ll watch episode after episode and learn to praise it for its unapologetic stance on never betraying the reality that is if you do something wrong, then you got to deal with the consequences. That’s why I loved it so much. It was like basketball. You miss an assignment, you don’t close out on a guy properly, you miss an open jumper (Danny), you forget that Zach Randolph is left handed, then you pay the price instantly on the court. This show, for years, was a study on how life can be the same way. People are and will be talking about the show like television, hell, like storytelling will never be the same. Well, whatever.
All these things, all these sins, all these offences, and Walt still gets somewhat of a happy ending. I won’t tell you how because, you know, spoilers, but just know that the end of the show wasn’t consistent with how things played out time and again on the series.

Honestly, after “Ozymandias”, I sat on my couch — the green corduroy one with the t-shirt blanket from my old Merrillville and Air Force days that Patty tried to make fun of fore I ran him for three straight practices — and I wept. I tell you, I cried uncontrollably. Heaving, sobbing tears. Never felt a thing like it. Walt making that call, that was rough. Just, I don’t know, hard for me to get into it. Sad stuff makes me sad, you know?

But then, after they try to build me the story of five lifetimes, they put a clichéd little every-thing-is-so-perfect bow on it like everything in that show hasn’t already been everything but clichéd.

I know I promised no spoilers, and this really gives nothing away, so I’ll just say: Where is Huell?

Is he still on that couch in that hotel room? We can’t get an update on him? That’s my guy, right there. My dude. So when I see Gilligan tie up every loose end except for Huell’s whereabouts, you’ll forgive me if I’m not jumping for joy and calling him Hemingway.

Give the people what they want. Always. Only thing Jalen ever got right. The people want to see the muscle. They want to see Huell.

Walt didn’t deserve to end that show with a smile. Not at all. To those of you in the marketing and game ops departments, Gilligan gets no free tickets. None. If I hear about you giving him any then you are gone. No questions. Gone. You did something wrong and you will deal with the consequences. Please test me.

Do not watch this show. It’ll stress you out and take years off your life and you’ll proclaim its wonder to the masses. Then, in the end, you’ll be left there, your jaw far from the ground, hoping against hope that something more happens than what actually did.

I am the one who shuts the door in your face,


PS: Probably gonna have some thoughts on this new Haim everyone’s going crazy for. I always loved Stevie Nicks and these girls have that vibe. Expect them on the locker room playlist this year.

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