Ballerball received insider information that shortly after being traded from the Cavaliers a devastated Andrew Wiggins started seeing a therapist. An already disillusioned Wiggins is dealing with a loss of trust for NBA front offices, as well as crushed dreams and potential relationships. Below are the exercises, exclusively provided to Ballerball, Wiggins is doing in therapy.



Notes: “My first session with Andrew. He obsessively talked about a LeBron James. I asked Andrew to draw what his life was like without LeBron and what it would be with LeBron. Efforts to show Andrew that his life was not so different now backfired when Andrew drew this hellish, lonely scene.




Notes: “For today’s session I wanted Andrew to embrace his favorite moment in Cleveland. He fondly remembered his visit to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. He also bemoaned that he was forced to leave just as an Ikea was built.



Notes: “Andrew was especially distraught today. I asked him to picture how, instead of dwelling on his situation, he could solve the problem. After seeing the picture, I informed him that I read one critic declare Fargo as ‘another winner for FX’ and that some entertainment would do him so good.”



Notes: “In my professional opinion, one with so much grief should not be near such hot, flaming objects and flying knives. I am concerned that the girl Andrew mentions and LeBron are the same person.” 



Notes: “Andrew told me he remembered a phone call he had with his previous employer. ‘How did the phone call make you feel’ I prompted him .”




Notes: “Andrew seemed to be enjoying these drawing exercises very much. I suggested that it might help to draw for fun at home. He lamented that he was a terrible artist. So, I hinted that he could improve his drawing skills by copying other photos or still lifes.




Notes: “I told Andrew that other patients find it helpful, during times of great emotional pain, to go to their happy place. I asked Andrew to visualize his happy places for me. Andrew said about the last image that he just wanted something like finality with the whole situation. Then, he muttered to himself, “Not one, not two, not three…”

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