Wax Statue of O.J. Mayo Plays Prank on Entire World By Pretending to be the Real O.J. Mayo For the Last Three Years

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The NBA is full of jokesters who like to play pranks on their fans in a variety of ways. One common prank is the “Wax Statue” prank where they stand completely still pretending to be a statue in some sort of ‘Palace of Wax.’  Then when fans least suspect it, the players make a sudden movement and surprise the fans. It’s SO classic.

Check out Carmelo Anthony’s prank or this recent one from Jeremy Lin.

In related news, a wax statue version of O.J. Mayo played a little prank on the entire world by pretending to be O.J. Mayo on the basketball court for the last three years… which explains A LOT.

“Man. I thought O.J. physically forgot how to play basketball” said a relieved fan. “It makes so much sense now that I know it was all a wax statue that was unable to make movements on it’s own.”

Local fans seemed to be relieved by the O.J. Mayo wax statue prank, not because they thought it was funny but because they were glad their eyes weren’t deceiving them into thinking they were watching a real life NBA player.

When it was revealed to the entire world via YouTube, 988 of the 989 comments read, “OHHH. Ok. Yeah that makes so much sense.” That other lone comment stated, “I’d still rather have the statue.”

No news yet on whether Mayo was actually in on the joke, given he’s been taking a nap for the last three years.

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