Analysis: Dirk Nowitzki is a Major Influence on Miley Cyrus

Dirk Miley6


During my early morning, pop-culture catch-up, I stumbled upon some article informing me that Sinead O’Connor was a great influence on Miley Cyrus.  I got to thinking “I don’t care.”

But then… I was doing my mid-afternoon, NBA Google image catch-up, and it hit me.   Miley Cyrus failed to mention the most obvious influence on her career, Dirk Nowitkzi.


Just look at all the tongue moves she stole from Dirk.  This is really important stuff here, guys.


The “Get-On-My-Level” Tongue

Dirk Miley6

The Side Tongue

Dirk Miley7

The Trophy Tongue

Dirk Miley2

The Subtle Tongue

Dirk Miley14

The “I’m on the Ground.  Deal With It” Tongue

Dirk Miley3

The “Catching Raindrops. NBD” Tongue

Dirk Miley4

The “No YOU’RE Stupid” Tongue

Dirk Miley9

The Sleepy Tongue

Dirk Miley15 (1)

The “I’ve Gone Completely Insane” Tongue

Dirk Miley13

The “Hungry.  Please Feed Me” Tongue

Dirk Miley5

The “Look at How Silly I am” Tongue

Dirk Miley10

The Stanky Face Tongue

Dirk Miley


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