Wizards – Pistons Box Score Recap

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They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. Well, in basketball’s case, a box score is worth 200 possessions. As such, from time to time I like to dive into the box score of a game in which I have no allegiance or rooting interest, and of which I watched precisely zero minutes or highlights. My imagination of what happened probably exceeds what actually transpired on the court and therein resides the fun of the exercise. So, with that said, here are my thoughts on last night’s Pistons 113-102 victory over the Wizards, based purely on the box score.



– This is one of the most easily analyzed games I’ve ever encountered. The two teams each took exactly 78 shots. The Wizards took 25 3s (making 10) and 32 free throws (making 24); the Wizards took 24 3s (making 9) and 33 free throws (making 26). 44-38 on the boards, 23-24 on dimes, 16-18 on turnovers, etc…  Basically, the Pistons made five more of the 2-pointers they took than the Wizards did, and that’s why they won the game.

– Josh Smith took seven 3s. Josh Smith staring down a 3 is basically Mark Wahlberg reading sh*tty action movie treatments (see: Pound & Ground): until it costs him money, they’re just too much fun not to try.

– If the NBA had character actors who manage to hang around Hollywood for forty years doing one thing and one thing only, that’d be Will Bynum on every Pistons squad from 1995 (?) until who knows when? Does anyone actually know how old he is? 28? 35? 17? 100?

– In ESPN’s preview for the Wizards, the following sentence occurred: “Harrington becomes the real wild card here, since he’s talented enough to be a big-time scorer and possible starter.” I would say that if his 18 minute opening night in which he went 1-4 from the field while registering no rebounds and four fouls is any indication, the wild card is turning out to be a jack of poops.

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