Hey bro.

The Knicks and Lakers are two of the most storied franchises in the NBA.  So when they played last week they didn’t need any extra reason for the buzz around this game… oh but they got it.

The Lakers  were coming off a horrid stretch of basketball and the Knicks were playing beautiful ball.  It was a test for both teams in the house and everyone was in the house to see it.  Spike Lee, Charles Barkley and even Vanessa Hudgens.


Sup bro. Check it out.

 *Uh… yeah.  Hey man.  I see that.  Now, watch the game.  Take care.

Anyways, so from the tip we knew it was going to be a battle between Melo and Kobe.  They both came out firing but the difference was simply that Melo had help from his teammates, both defensively and offensively

Check it.  See who I'm with.

Yo. It’s me again. See who I’m with?

*Yeah dude.  It’s Vanessa Hudgens.  Way to go.  Now stop looking at me.

Sorry.  So in the first half, both teams were doing exactly what both teams do.  The Lakers were laying an egg and the Knicks were playing inspired, team basketball.  Oh, and Melo looked a lot better than Kobe so when you…

Check it.  See who I'm with.

It’s Vanessa Hudgens. Look. She’s with me.

*Yeah man.  I can see that.  Would you watch the basketball game please… like your girlfriend is doing. 

Can you believe this guy?  Right.  The Knicks came out in the second half maintaining their lead.  Then all of the sudden Melo went down with an injury, which opened the doors for the Lakers to get some momentum and even…

Check it.  See who I'm with.

Yeah dude. Not bad, huh?

*What do you want from me?   Seriously… enough.

So the Lakers started steadily chipping away at that big lead they were up against and by the final few minutes of the fourth quarter, the game was within two possessions.

Like my beanie?

Like my beanie?

*Stop it.  It’s a great beanie, but you look like you’re going to prom in that pose.  And GET YOUR EYES OFF OF ME!  Great athletes are playing basketball right before your eyes.  Enjoy this!

So after all the Lakers fighting and chipping it was just never enough to fight off the Knicks.  The difference between the two teams is…

Have you heard of Manford and Sons? They sing that song called “Lumineers.” My girl and I love indie music. We’re different.

*I think it’s Mumford and Sons and… nevermind.  Watch the game. 

So the difference between the Lakers  and the Knicks is just simply that the Knicks play as a team and that’s really what makes all the…

Hey man.

Hey bro.


Christmas is so commercialized.

Christmas is so commercialized.

*Ok.  Are you done?

The Knicks and the lak…

Hey man.

Hey bro.


I got The Master

I understood The Master.

*No you didn’t.  Nobody did.  Go away.

Hey bro.

Hey bro.

*Leave me be. 

So this is the life we've chosen?  Am I right?

Take a stand for gluten free trade.

*This column is over.  I’m finished.  Bye.

Hey man.

Hey bro.



Alright peace guys. Don't forget to love your girl.

Alright peace guys. Don’t forget to love your girl.

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