Who He Play Like: A Study of Aaron Rodgers Comparisons


What basketball player does Aaron Rodgers’ playing of the quarterback position in football most resemble? This is a hot topic these days whenever the two-time MVP takes the field and therefore a topic that must be discussed because it is relevant to the notion of relevancy being relevant.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Michael Jordan of football?

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After a prodigious performance against the Kansas City Chiefs, where he threw for five touchdowns, his own teammates believed so, and they might be right. Rodgers was born in 1983, so he definitely came of age when every young man’s goal was to be like Mike. Is Aaron Rodgers like Mike? Well, his team is averaging 28.3 point per game so far on the season, which is and isn’t in Jordan’s prolific neighborhood. Is there a three-point shot in football? Or is that a field goal? Is Mason Crosby the Michael Jordan of football? Should Aaron Rodgers get to the line more? What line would he need to get to? The goal line? The first down line? The line of scrimmage? These questions make it difficult to simply accept greatness in one thing is like greatness in another. Then again, maybe greatness is a matter of style.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Larry Bird of football?

This opinion belongs to Magic Johnson. Magic’s always bringing up Larry, so at first glance, this opinion looks like it could be easily dismissed as Magic’s answer to just about anything. But can one dismiss Larry Bird? I’m not so sure. It’s also dangerous to dismiss Aaron Rodgers, just ask the 49ers about whether they would prefer to have Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick at quarterback? You can’t dismiss either guy, so maybe you shouldn’t dismiss Magic’s opinion either. No wonder he loves talking about Larry Bird—it would be a mistake not to.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Magic Johnson of football?

I don’t know, but Magic Johnson sure doesn’t think so. Sometimes I wonder if Magic says Larry to everything, so we’ll then have to talk about Magic. If so, the maneuver worked. After pointing out during last week’s Green Bay victory over San Francisco that Magic thought Aaron was most like Larry, Troy Aikman threw Magic’s name into the ring. This opinion seems valid. After all, both Magic and Aaron’s careers are based off their abilities to pass other players the ball. This comparison may just be—dare I say it—magic.

Hm, I wonder what basketball player Troy Aikman most resembles. He passed the ball a lot too, so maybe I’ll just go with Magic. Is this the magic answer? Are all quarterbacks Magic Johnson? Probably not. Johnny Manziel is totally Stephon Marbury.

Is Aaron Rodgers the LeBron James of football?


Didn’t Aaron Rodgers turn down the Ivy League to play football at Butte Community College? That’s like totally taking one’s talents to south Oroville, California.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Guy Rodgers or Rodney Rogers of football?

He may spell his name like Guy, but he plays more like Rodney. Notice I’m not saying what he plays like Rodney. Also, how is Guy Rodgers the only guy in NBA history to spell Rogers with a ‘d’?

Is Aaron Rodgers the Scottie Pippen of football?

No, he is not. That would be silly. That would make Jordy Nelson or James Jones or some guy we don’t even know the name of the Michael Jordan of football.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Manu Ginobili of football?


They do both wear pants.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Dirk Nowitzki of football?

This is intriguing, but any similarities to Dirk might actually make Aaron more like Larry Legend, which means this post could have been much shorter. Then again, both Larry and Aaron are much shorter than Dirk. Maybe Aaron Rodgers is Larry Bird. Let’s move on.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Allen Iverson of football?

Both have a played a sport while wearing sleeves.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Rasheed Wallace of football?

They have both been known to wear pants. They also both have an understandable fascination with championship belts. Arguably, however, the treatment of said belts is wear they differ. Aaron totally sold out his celebration for insurance premiums.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Phil Jackson of football?


Maybe. He’s cerebral, but he’s not old. How does the triangle feature in the Green Bay offense? Are cheese heads triangles?

Is Aaron Rodgers the Aaron Brooks of football?

I can’t really buy this one. Aaron Rodgers would not only shoot better, but he probably would have become a dependable starter by now. Or something.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Tim Duncan of football?

This is interesting, but Aaron probably talks more trash.

Is Aaron Rodgers the Frank Kaminsky of football?


Well, Aaron watched Frank the Tank in last year’s NCAA Tournament, and I’m sure having played four years of college ball in Wisconsin Frank has watched Aaron play football. Can something become something just by watching it? I don’t know. Do comparisons grow out of other comparisons? I don’t know. But I do know that both Aaron Rodgers and Frank Kaminsky have played the same number of NBA games. I do know that.

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