What NBA Teams Would Look Like with Brand Nubian Lyrics on Their Jerseys?


When David Blatt’s newly calibrated Cavs roster takes the floor in their season opener against the New York Knicks on Oct. 30, the usual pairing of wine and gold uniforms will be nowhere in sight. Why? Because the Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled new navy alternative uniforms Wednesday, with the overused “all for one, one for all” phrase written upside-down in a box at the bottom—presumably so a player can look down and read it if they’re having an off-night or are having difficulty looking past having to collectively play second fiddle to the James-Love-Irving trio.



This undoubtedly gives Cleveland an advantage no other team in the NBA has: The ability to find inspiration written literally on their mesh jersey. And that not right. So, despite the phrase likely referencing the Latin phrase Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno, which was later stolen and pinned to the titular heroes of the novel The Three Musketeers, Cleveland is playing mind games with all of us. They think they’ve got us all duped.

Not me, though.

Cavalier general management and the team’s marketing team were channeling something much deeper. Something much more incredible. They weren’t referencing some dying language, they were alluding to the hip hop group Brand Nubian’s track ‘All For One’  – off the album, you guessed it, ‘One For All.’ 

Using only lyrics from the track ‘All For One’, let’s level the playing field.

Toronto Raptors | Tenderoni Alternates





New Orleans Pelicans | English Muffin Alternates




Houston Rockets | Hard Rockets Alternates



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