Western Conference Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Cover

Easter Egg Hunt Cover

In our “Sunny News” segment, it’s been reported that the NBA had itself a big Easter Egg hunt for all of it’s potential Western Conference playoff teams.

“It’s great!  David Stern put bunny ears on.” said the Memphis Grizzlies.  “I wish he didn’t have to put on real life rabbit ears… but hey, he’s trying and that’s what counts!”

It appears that there is one final easter egg that hasn’t been found and four remaining teams are still looking; The Los Angeles Lakers, The Utah Jazz, The Dallas Mavericks, and The Portland Trailblazers.

“It’s pretty strange because it’s just sitting in the middle of the room.  It’s not even hidden.  All they have to do is just take it and it’s their’s.” said the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Portland Trailblazers are just tip-toeing around the egg, trying to sneakily grab it.  Someone from the crowd shouts “just grab the freaking egg!” but Portland just smiles.

The Utah Jazz appear to just not want it.  They had it and then sat it down because they wanted a sandwich.

“We do want it.” said the Jazz.

The room bursts into laughter.

The Dallas Mavericks weren’t supposed to be there, as they’ve valiantly found their way into the hunt. But now that Dallas is close, they’ve all of a sudden become shy.  It’s like this.

Finally, we get to the Los Angeles Lakers.  They are currently as close as any other team.  When they get within inches of this egg, they just crack open a cold one and put their feet up like they have it in the bag.

“You know you don’t have it yet, right?” said the San Antonio Spurs.

“Oh… we got it.” said the Lakers

Right on cue, the lounge chair breaks and the Lakers hurt themselves, again.

“Come on!” shouts the room.

So who’s going to step up and grab that last and final egg in the hunt?   We are just going to have to stay tuned because this is going to be one heck of a dog fight.

Oh… nevermind.  A little girl just walked up and grabbed it.

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