Life is about peaks and valleys and the same can be said for NBA blogging. The dog days of sports coverage are among us. No basketball, no football, no hockey and our summer fling with the soccer is all but dead. Baseball is fun for some people but for the rest of us normal folk, we’re just looking for a way to get through the summertime sadness.

As an important sports/athletics blog, we observe the trends of the internet – particularly how other websites generate traffic when there’s not much to talk about. One thing that seems to be quite popular among blogs is doing a ‘themed week.’  We saw DetroitRom-Com Week on Grantland, Boogie Week on Hickory High (RIP), Championship Week on Mavs Moneyball, and “SHE DID WHAT?” Week on Huffington Post.

So we decided to do our own ‘themed week.’ As as staff we voted on six different themes (we really did) that included Katherine Heigle Week, Long John Silver’s Week, and Mad About You Week. So without further ado…

Voss Cover One

That’s right!  We’re devoting an entire week to the sexiest brand of Norwegian bottled water (in a glass) found in your local Marshall’s, ROSS: Dress For Less, and TJ-Maxx — VOSS WATER.

So what does VOSS have to do with the NBA?  Good question.

Say, what’s that badass bottle in LeBron’s hand?


Whoa! Tell us more about VOSS, NBA mega-star, Jimmy Butler…

Indeed. Hey Cedric, what kind of shots do you like?

We agree, Cedric. #VOSS.

What temperature do you like your VOSS, Spencer?

See… all of the NBA’s hottest stars are VOSS enthusiests including Jeremy Lin, Aziz Ansari, and Rajon Rondo.



NBA Finals Game 4:  Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA has spoken. VOSS is the coolest water on the planet and anyone seen with VOSS will instantly be viewed as a desirable success. We’d also like to apologize to other websites for thinking of this idea first.

So join us for the rest of the week as we devote all of our content to VOSS WATER.

Voss Water Week 6


NOTE: We are not sponsored by VOSS but we wish we were… :-(

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