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Thank you for visiting Ballerball.

We would like to give you a virtual handshake and offer you a virtual beer.

Please have a virtual seat.

I’m done.


We here at Ballerball believe in 3 things.

Basketball is fun.

Basketball is funny.

Basketball tells a story.


Let’s start with the fun part.  Basketball is fun.  Therefore, talking and reading about basketball should be fun.

And that’s it.  I believe a toddler could have come up with that statement.


Basketball and basketball related things are very funny, both on and off the court.  Given our comedic background in sketch, improv, and classic theater, we will be injecting comedy into our product.


Lastly, basketball is a story.  While basketball is a game to most, it’s one of the most exciting stories in our modern times.  When little Jack 6000 sits down with his robot dad in the year 2873, he will hear great tales of kings, mambas, and men who can fly.  He will hear the last stand of the giant German and the rag tag bunch of elder statesmen who fought a powerful, 3 headed monster.  He will here the poem of a little prince in Orlando who couldn’t decide which village he wanted to destroy from within.

These stories are getting increasingly popular and more interesting.

We plan on taking a fun and comedic approach to talking about the great sport of basketball.

I promise you… we will be wrong.

Taking it to the rack,


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