Warning: Daryl Morey Will Destroy You at Table Tennis



If you’ve ever seen Daryl Morey in an interview, there is no way you’d think “Man.  I bet this dude would totally dominate me at table tennis.”

And you’d be so dead wrong.

See Below:

Was anyone else utterly impressed by what they just saw?  I watched this video a couple weeks ago, and I’m still sitting here in shock.

I mean, did you just see how he beat Jeremy Lin?  Linsanity?!  More like… Moreyncredible…

Let’s break down the facts about Daryl Morey – The Table Tennis Player.


1. Daryl Morey has a pre-serve ritual.

Gif 1




2. Daryl Morey is always ready to receive the serve.

Gif 2



3. Daryl Morey doesn’t like to play poorly.

Gif 3



4. Daryl Morey loves the taste of victory.

Gif 5.2



5. Daryl Morey has a super-turbo swing.

Gif 6.1



6. Daryl Morey is a classy winner.

Gif 7



  • Reply March 10, 2013

    Scott Preiss

    I think he can use a lesson from a National Coach and Trainer

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