Voss and Norway: United With His Army of Heroes!


Voss Water is Premium Artesian water from a Premium Artesian country called Norway. Voss keeps you cool and Norway is always cool (in the Arctic Circle!!). According to Wikipedia there have been 3 notable basketball players from Norway. Ballerball is going to drop some serious Premium Artesian knowledge and also provide some pictures with lyrics of the Norwegian National Anthem. Time to Hydrate!!


Torgeir Bryn

Torgeir is the only Norwegian to play in the NBA. He only played three games for the LA Clippers in 1989 but he’s cool with it! He’s 6’9 and no doubt a good dude! Also there is no record of him playing for Philadelphia so maybe he was wearing a costume??

Norway 1

Terrence Oglesby

Terrence is an American/Norwegian basketball player who played at Clemson from 2007-2009. He may not be all Norwegian but he’s definitely all heart!

Norway 2

Håkon Särnblom

Hakon is a Norwegian high jumper who played some Norwegian Basketball. He feels uncomfortable in the air and you know he hydrates like a VOSS!!  This picture is with him and his high jumping wife!

Norway 3

Here is a picture of Norway. Is this a Premium country or what?

Norway 4

Hope we dropped some Premium Artesian info on you today. As always thanks to Voss for making this world a little more hydrated and thank you to the Norwegian National Anthem for always being so VOSS!

Norway 5

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