VIDEO: LeBron’s Stupid

Remember “The Decision?”  Remember how excited we were at the possibility of having the greatest player on the planet on our basketball team? Remember when he said ‘screw it’ and chose Miami because like a bil ol’ douche?  Remember how mad we pissed we got about LeBron’s decision and how stupid it was?  REMEMBER?

Meet Phil Goodman. He’s the owner of the Wichita Water – an NBA team in Wichita, Kansas. After being convinced that LeBron James would join him in Wichita, he is devastated to find out two things…

  1. 1. LeBron chose Miami.
  2. 2. LeBron’s stupid.

Phil decides to let out his frustration in the most mature manure possible – by joining in a LeBron bash-fest in the comment section of a sports column. The above song from ‘The Lockout: A Musical”  is from the perspective of different users within this comments section just moments after “The Decision.” I had a hand in the musical’s creation – the reason for the plug.


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