USA Basketball’s State of the Team Address with DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie Time


My Fellow Americans,

Good evening. As you’re all aware, America is undergoing a very difficult time right now. Criticism over our economic state is running rampant, popularity is at an all-time time low amongst key demographics, and our enemies are growing stronger as we seem continue to get weaker. 

But that’s the thing about this great country, as we get weaker… our hearts grow stronger.  

Boogie grows stronger.

Last weekend, I ran into a single mother at a factory in upstate New York. That mother told me about how her son couldn’t hold down a job due to the lack of hope he had in Team USA basketball. I kissed that woman on the lips and told her to have faith that we will restore the hope that once burned bright in her son and in this great nation. The single mother wept.

As individuals continue to fall from Team USA Basketball, we look ahead. First there was the loss of Kevin Love and Blake Griffin – two magnificent men. Their loss shook the team but they did not break our spirits. Then there was the horrible injury to Paul George which was difficult to swallow both as a teammate and a friend. And last week, America took it’s biggest blow. My brother, Kevin Durant, felt that he could not continue down the road of Team USA Basketball – a road founded by the greats – Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Christian Laettner.  These are the men who came before us and we must remember the path they carved for you and me and our children.

Boogie remembers. 

I was speaking with a young man at a diner just outside of Kansas City and the man told me about his father who watched Team USA basketball. This boy’s father had hats, t-shirts, and any other pieces of Team USA memorabilia. He was there to watch the Dream Team and the Redeem Team, like a true fan. That boy’s father is now in a hospital bed, after tripping while trying to put his pants on too quickly. Tragically, he is unable to watch Team USA Basketball this summer. That young man looked me in the eyes, and told me he needed inspiration. I told the man that Boogie would be his inspiration. The young man wept. 

You see, coaches of the team – managers – trainers – I come to you with a promise. That if you elect me to be a member of Team USA Basketball, I will not only deliver results but I will change the very landscape of international hoops. This is my promise. It’s my time… IT’S BOOGIE TIME. 

Say it with me… IT’S BOOGIE TIME. 

Every time a father breaks his legs while putting on his pants – IT’S BOOGIE TIME. 

Every time a mother’s son gets fired from his job –  IT’S BOOGIE TIME. 

Every time a soldier see’s a rainbow and thinks of his family – SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS –  IT’S BOOGIE TIME. 

So join me in Spain, as I take my coaches, teammates and the American people to a new tomorrow – to a time where brothers are hugging brothers after an awesome dunk – to a time where kids respect their elders who appreciate a good outlet pass. This time is coming, coaches. This time is now. This time is BOOGIE TIME. 


Thank you and God Bless America

DeMarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins


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