Top Ten Reasons to Fight Someone in Temecula


Top Ten Reasons to Fight Someone in Temecula

1. You think Kobe’s not playing very well this year

2. You think Kobe’s fg% is pretty low.

3. You’re gay, or Jewish, or liberal, and you grew up in a very repressive part of Temecula, and one day someone says something…

4. Temecula doesn’t allow dancing and you’re Kevin Bacon

5. You’re Liam Neeson and someone in Temecula kidnapped your family

6. You’re a wolf, and Liam Neeson lives in Temecula

7. You’re Sarah Palin and…you know, let’s just start a new line of jokes

7. Someone called you a “Stan”, and you remember what Stan did to his girlfriend in that Eminem song and you…nope. No.

7. It’s the 16th century and you wish to wed the fair Juliet. And you live in Temecula.

8. Nose-thumbing

9. Mid-life crisis and you think no one should die without getting punched in the face

10. Someone you really love and respect, like Taylor Swift  or Nelson Mandela’s ghost, tells you to. 

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