Three Short Stories About Gregg Popovich Coaching Everyday Life



Gregg Popovich is the ultimate authoritative coach.  He demands respect from his players and staff like nobody else in the league.  The most recent example of this came with about 4 minutes left in Game 6 againt Golden State.  Popovich decided that he would bench the struggling Tim Duncan.  Even more shocking, Duncan (legend, 4X champion) didn’t mind at all.  Completely unbelievable.

We scouted the world (overnight) to find some other people that have personally been coached  by Gregg Popovich in some way.  Here are their stories.


Brian – Employee at Starbucks – Age 26

Yeah, so Coach Pop came into my Starbucks one day and I recognized him from the TV, only this time he was wearing a Jimmy Buffett T-shirt.  With a dorky grin on my face, I welcomed him and told him he could have whatever he wanted, on the house.  He looked at me like this…


… and said, “are you going to give the lady behind me a free drink too?”  I stood there frozen.  The smile fell from my face.  I slowly shook my head no.  “I didn’t think so.  Now take off that apron and go sit on the curb outside and think about this for 8 minutes.  He told me to stay off my phone so I did.  That was it.  I did everything he said and I totally believe that I’m a better man because of it.  


Cassandra – Mower of Lawns (16)

I don’t actually, like,  know Gregg Popovich.  He coaches basketball right?   Anyways, I was hired by neighbors to mow their lawn and all of the sudden I saw a white Ford Taurus pull over. Gregg comes out, wearing a Bob Seger T-shirt, and looks at me like this…

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies


… and said, “You must hate your neighbors.”  I stopped because I was like, confused.  He said, “Side-to-side is for lesser beings.”  I told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about and he was like”Diagonal is the way to go.  Give me that stupid thing.”  Gregg then grabbed the lawn mower and made me sit underneath a tree. He told me to watch and to stay off my phone, so I did.  I hated it because there was a beehive right next to me.  He said the hive would only make me more focused.  The truth is, he was right.  The yard definitely looked better.  Plus, I got an extra $2 tip from my neighbors! 


Fred – Waiter (33)

I was waiting on a table that happened to be right next to Gregg Popovich’s table in a resturaunt I worked at in Phoenix.  It was a classy establishment but Pop was wearing an Alanis Morissette T-shirt, like a true boss.  My customers ordered pasta, so when I delivered it, I offered them parmesan cheese.  They accepted so I began to poor it on their pasta when I heard a “You’ve gotta be sh**ing me.”  I turned and there was Pop just standing there like this…


… and he said “How would you like it if I dumped that cheese on your head?”  I didn’t know what to say.  He told me I need to be lightly sprinkling the cheese on the pasta.  My customer interrupted and said “You know, he’s doing a fine job.”  Pop just told her, “With all due respect, you shut up now.”  He grabbed the bowl of cheese and a spoon and told me to go sit in a nearby booth and watch him.  He told me to stay off my phone so I did.  For such an angry guy, he sure did know how to sprinkle cheese.  I learned a lot.  Oh!  I forgot.  He totally took the bowl of cheese with him and just ate that for dinner.  Strange guy.  



*Note: These aren’t real. 


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