The Worst Free Throw Ever

Free Throw

Deandre Jordan, Andris Biedrins, and Dwight Howard, among others, have been under a lot of scrutiny for their inability to make free throws consistently. Well, chill out for a 24 hour news cycle or two you Cali chillbros, because  Appalachian State Center Brian Okam just took all of the heat off of you.

This is the worst free throw ever. That’s not an embellishment. That’s a statement of fact. Yes, there have probably been worse unseen, private attempts in driveways and empty gyms and children’s summer league games. But this guy is an NCAA Division 1 basketball player. He’s receiving free school in exchange for his basketball services. He practices basketball for hours a day. HOURS. Like, that’s required of them. I haven’t seen the daily practice schedules for Appalachian State, but I gotta believe at some point, during these practices, he has attempted at least a couple free throws.

What I’m saying is, despite how it looks, he has taken a free throw before. This was not some foreign act sprung upon him in a moment of panicked weakness. This was a free throw. A shot with nobody guarding him. A shot he’s probably shot hundreds of thousands of times. And Okam just duffed it. This shot is to free throws what Cars 2 is to Pixar. Just a real ugly stain.

I’m sorry, but all things considered, this is the worst. That shot doesn’t even get halfway to the goal. It goes higher than it does far. That’s good if you’re Snoop or Creed, but not if you’re a free throw.

“My Goodness,” says one of the announcers.

“I’m not sure what that was,” says the other, “Good Lord.”

Both very appropriate, pretty perfect responses.

God bless the coach trying to clap it off over there, though. Stick with your squad always.

Stay positive, everyone.

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