The War on The Lakers

lakers cover

It’s no secret that the United States and the city of Los Angeles have been gradually trying to eliminate the words “Go Lakers” from any public forum for some time now.  And of course, I’m here to remind you that it’s an infringement on your freedom.  But this year, the city of Los Angeles has taken it a step further.


Sports fans, this makes me sick.  Is this some kind of joke, Staples Center?  First, you allow the Clippers to play in a gym without a giant Lakers logo at mid-court and now this?  It’s bad enough the Clippers don’t have to wear Lakers uniforms or at least a medium to large sized patch on their jerseys.  This is an outrage!  Everybody knows that the city of Los Angeles was named in honor of the shrine to the Virgin Mary, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Our Lady of the Go Lakers Go!

Now I’m all for equality with the Clippers and the Lakers.  Hell, I even have this displayed in my hallway to remember and honor a great Clipper tradition.



But It’s become very clear that the city of Los Angeles is doing everything it can to make you forget about the name Lakers.  This is a name that should be honored and respected.  It’s a sacred name and all things associated should be held in high regards.  We should have to hide anything!  Youtube even took down a video I made of me reenacting the birth of of our savior, Kobe Bryant.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR RIGHTS?  Look at the Staples Center website.

staples seating chart

That’s just the “basketball” seating chart?  Really, Staples?  The Lakers are just a “basketball” team to you?   How offensive and demeaning.  And what about “TEAM LA” under guest services?

team la

As far as I’m concerned there’s one team in “Team LA” and another who just kind of crashes on the Staples Center couch every once in a while.

Folks, If you aren’t deeply troubled by what’s taking place in Los Angeles than I fear for you.  Just the other day at Target, the check out lady said “Go LA!” to me, in which I replied, “What country are we in!?”  She said, “America.”  I said no, this is “Laker Nation” and I’ve had it with corporations trying to take away my freedom as a Laker-ican.

What I’m about to show you is very disturbing.  A little boy named Jimmy being interviewed.

kid go lakers

Wow.  We can’t even say “Go Lakers” in our schools anymore….

What are we to do about this, Sports fans.  I have a feeling this won’t stop until we fight back.   Look at the merchandise that’s taking all the meaning from the spirit of Lakers!

x ers

“Go X-rs?!”  You’re taking out the most important part of the name!  By eliminating the name Lake, we are eliminating all meaning and power from the spiritual and holy name of The Lakers.

There is so much to be worried about.  If I were you, I’d  purchase a storm shelter like I have because I don’t know what kind of wrath God will bring upon us.  Ask yourselves, what’s this going to mean for our children?  How will they even know what fans to look down on in LA?  I mean, I can’t even drive down my own street without getting stared at.

lakers car

So please, call your local congressman and express your outrage.  This is our city and this is the team that founded our city.  We should be free to proclaim whatever we want and other people should have to hear it and see it as much as physically possible.

Go Lakers.

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