The Victor Oladipo Diaries: Pinnochio & Best Coast

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Rookie diaries are played out. I’ve felt that way for awhile. Diaries themselves, really, are kind of a bore at this point. They’ve completely escaped becoming relevant plot points in half-hour family sitcoms and Harriet The Spy, sadly, just isn’t as important a film as it used to be. I got asked to do this and figured I would accept in attempts to turn the diary game on its head. Have it seeing stars and fireworks and little birds tweeting and flying around its head. This ain’t a cartoon, though. This is the heat. I may as well be dressed in a red t-shirt and white overalls and have balls of fire being shot out of my hands because I’m just that super at this.


So, I’m not currently playing in Vegas. We played in Orlando for summer league. I got Disney instead of sin, as if one is somehow safer. Pinocchio was messed up, man. They were stealing little boys and turning them into donkeys, dude. That’s some Tarantino type stuff.

Anyways, as you can probably tell from the first paragraph, I’m bored outside my mind. I workout twice a day but that still leaves me eighteen hours that I have nothing to do with. I can only go to Universal and Disney every so often. Islands of Adventure was sick, but after a week I’ve done everything I want to do there about fifty times over. I’ve just got too much free time. With that time, though, I’ve been listening to a lot of music.

You probably know that I can sing already. I have the voice of a child angel before it hits puberty and its angel balls drop. Like, an angel Billy Gillman, I guess, would be the best analogy that I could think of. I know that many will be surprised by that because my voice sounds, like, classic R&B, but when I sing I think of Gillman. He’s the archetype I’d want to pattern my “sound” after. I know that sounds stupid, but I don’t care. I need to get in the studio.


Cool part about this diary thing, though, is that I basically get to talk about what I want and what I want to talk about this month is summer music. Specifically, Best Coast. They’re a few years removed from their breakout, debut album, Crazy For You, and a year removed from their even better follow up, The Only Place. Me talking about them now isn’t particularly timely in anyway, but their music was made for the waves and the beaches and the half-off Hurley sales and it’s scorching outside so let’s put umbrellas in our fruity drinks and embrace the mellowness that is Bethany Cosentino’s voice.

“The only place” is in reference to California, which they’re a little holier than thou about a lot, but in their defense, I’ve been to several different parts of Cali (LA, Malibu, San Diego, Fresno) and they’re all fairly dope.

Three jams in particular that I want to focus on, though. The first being Up All Night. It’s a love song about staying up all night thinking about a person who you want to be with, but you know that you don’t exactly fit together. Not perfectly, at least.

I don’t know what day it is, cuz I’ve been up all night

This is getting lost in thought about a person. This is obsession. A passion. A yearning.

Then, later:

I wanna see you. I wanna see you. Forever and ever. Forever and ever.

Forever? Absolutely.

The next jam is No One Like You. A sunny day of a tune about being in love with somebody and celebrating that they are the only person on earth that is like them. It’s a glass raise to being unique and to being so in love that, you know, in all the earth, there is no one like the person that you’re with. Makes me think of Melanie. Whew. We’re not going to get into that right now, though.

The final killer track we’ll discuss is How They Want Me To Be. Let’s get angsty. She doesn’t want to be how they want her to be, you guys. She wants to rebel. She wants to be with the one that all her friends, even her own mother, tells her she shouldn’t be with. She cares not. She wants him. I feel that as well, basketball-wise, on some deeper level that we’ll get into in future diaries. I don’t know. I guess I just don’t know why they’re talking about me playing point. It’s strange. That’s for another time, though.

Thanks for reading. I’m told these diary entries will come once a month, so stay ready. Have fun with each other and, on a completely unrelated note, you should really think about signing up for’s emails. They’ve been given out amazing discounts of late on all their Factory stuff. I got a real nice pair of Factory Slim Broken-In Chinos in Nantucket Red for $32.50. Planning on wearing them to the Indiana-Michigan game when I go back to watch this year.

Be easy.


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