The Sinbad Tweet


This was the tweet. I was riding home on the Chicago L after San Antonio’s game three victory over Miami. I was scrolling through my feed and – for some reason – this tweet from Sinbad just hit me. I favorited and retweeted but could not stop thinking about it. I was gonna write this “really funny” piece where I look up the twitter feeds of other people from the cast of First Kid. I was gonna do like a really “hilarious” “analysis” of Sinbad watching a game. But it would’ve been stupid and pointless and I am a person who wrote this. I just love this tweet. I think I love it because we live in a world where we all can follow Sinbad for free. Like I know what Sinbad is doing and it costs me nothing. I love that he tweeted it during the game. I love that he talked about Popovich and not a player. I love that he felt the need to let his followers know what he, Sinbad, thought about the game. I love that 32 other people retweeted this beautiful thought – like Sinbad was watching the game just like us. He’s a fan watching the NBA and what strikes him isn’t the brilliance of Kawhi or the Manu Renaissance or how the Heat struggled last night. It was that Pop is a great coach. When Sinbad is watching a finals game; he watches the coaching, and now we all know that. What a world.

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    you are the only person i know that follows sinbad on twitter

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