The Refs’ Tribune: Joey Crawford (Part III)

Refs Tribune
Joey Crawford

Here’s some news. You see this? They’re sayin’ LeBron James is leaving Cleveland to join forces with D-Wade and what’s the third one’s name – Chaz or something. Yeah, they’re all teamin’ up down there in Miami. I swear to god. 

You know… [Inhales cigarette] 

I got asked to join forces with someone once. There was this broad who wanted to get married. We dated off and on for 26 years so I considered it. A man has to stick to his principals though. If I team up with her, what’s next? She begged me but I said ‘no means no’ and took a 5 hour nap. When I woke up she was gone. This is the time we’re livin’ in, folks. People needing people to get along. What happened to a man doin’ it on his own. That’s what I’d ask LeBron, D-Wade and what’s his face – Lonny Donovan. 

[Exhales cigarette.]


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