The Ref’s Tribune: Joey Crawford (PART I)


Welcome to a new series called “The Refs’ Tribune.’ This is a safe place where referees can come and exclusively share what’s on their hearts and minds.  Be sure to check out parts II, III & IV .

Joey Crawford

What is this?

Alright. What the f*ck are we doin’? Ok, this is an interview then? No. Hold on. They’re sayin’ this is some sort of diary ? Aaaah. F*ck this.

[Leaves for 45 minutes. Inaudible cursing in hallway. Returns to desk.]

They’re sayin’ I have to do this then. The league wants me to be more “relatable” or somethin’. I don’t know what’s so unrelata–  hold on… [haaaaaaaawk… spit]

Alright. Where was I? Right. So I’m sittin’ there – watchin’ the movie – mindin’ my own, when these teenagers won’t knock stop makin’ a ruckus. So I turn around and politely ask them to shut the f*** up and the girl teenager says to me that her boyfriend is having an asthma attack. I thought that might’ve been some sort of gang code for somethin’ dangerous so I jumped over my chair and tried to strangle the guy teenager. Security escorted me out and that’s when I first knew I wanted to be a ref.


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