“The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” – A Dashboard Confessional Guide to the NBA

Kobe Emo


When Ballerball got the opportunity to join the Truehoop Network, I made a promise to myself to no longer ignore a people group that is “starved for attention.”  They have been pushed aside for too long and we are here to fix that.

So fear not – Emo/Basketball Children – we are here with a column just for you!

Basketball teams do a lot through the course of a season.  They win. They lose.  They choke.

They also… feel.

Let’s take a look at the classic, “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” album by Dashboard Confessional and see how each song and best describe what a team is feeling right now.

Track 1: The Brilliant Dance

Insta Wizards FINAL


Washington has the worst record in the league.  Nobody really cares, either.


Track 2:  Screaming Infidelities 

Cavs Instagram

Poor Kyrie.  The single only bright spot in Cleveland.


Track 3: The Best Deceptions

Insta Magic Final REAL


After D-12 completely turned this team upside down – all they can do now is think about what could have been before the betrayal.


Track 4: This Ruined Puzzle



With all the new pieces the Mavs have picked up and continue to pick up and drop… and pick up again – this is turning out to be a much worse team than expected.


Track 5: Saints and Sailors

Insta Thunder FINAL


Have you seen Durant play lately?  He’s been kicked out of games and getting techs like it’s his job.  #KDISNOTNICE


Track 6: The Good Fight

Insta Kings Final


The Maloof Brothers are the worst.


Track 7:  Standard Lines

Insta Rockets Final


Jeremy Lin and James Harden both left their prior teams to join a surprisingly good Rockets team.  Those prior teams are doing just fine too.


Track 8:  Again I Go Unnoticed

Insta Wolves FINAL


The Wolves can’t catch a break.  They have no hope without Kevin Love.


Track 9: The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

Insta Lakers Final REAL2


The words speak for themselves.


Track 10:  This Bitter Pill

Insta Suns Final


The Phoenix Suns is no longer being run by the ever-so-quick Steve Nash and they are even worse because of it.


So that does it for Emo/Basketball.

Hands Down this is the best column I can ever remember…

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