The Night Marreese Speights Took Over The World & Nickname Proposals

Nick Young, Marreese Speights

I never write in this journal anymore, but after tonight I have to.

In the rafters they were singing and Oracle was moving.

M. V. P.

Let the Bay Area bells chime out their love for me. Believe in me.

What a night. What an unbelievable night. Shouts out to Bogut for sleeping on his shoulder wrong. Totally kidding. Not trying to mix Coach’s words. Gah, we have fun.

I’ve never played like that before. I didn’t even know what was happening. I was numb, hovering over myself, watching myself give buckets to a team full of helpless losers. You always want to play well against a former team, certainly, but I unleashed a hell upon them that they won’t see again for some time. I’ll make no empty promises here that it’ll happen again at my hands, though. Andrew will be back soon and with that I’ll go back to spending time on the bench. But what a night. Nobody can take this away from me. For one evening, I was that dude.

It was strange, though, doing this against the 6ers. He’s long been gone now, but I kept rolling over something Doug Collins had said to me in my time in the Illadelph in 2010-2011.

“When the bow breaks and the cradle falls, who stays a baby, and who rises a man?”

Who’s the man, now? Feel me? Who’s the wild man now? Favreau!

Shouts to the fans. I do it for you. Since I’ve become a monster, I deserve a monstrous nickname. I propose to you, the fans, potential nicknames for myself. Pick your favorite. Put it on a T-shirt.


Mo Money


Speights Is Watching

Crazy Speights

Mo From Smart Guy

Autocorrect Always Thinks I’m Trying To Spell Mattress When I Spell My First Name

David Speight


Mo-Mint For You Because Your Breath Stank

Mo Bundles

Molonius Monk


The Speights Between Us

Speights Mountain

Somebody Already Used “Speights Jam” In A Tweet So I Won’t Claim It As An Original Here

Marreese Marreese Quite Contrary How Does Your Oracle Mo

Mo Jackson

Mo The Yard


Speight & Barrel

Speight Night Starring Seth Meyers

Speight Speight Don’t Tell Me

Speights Cowboy

Some People Call Me Marreese

Their Eyes Were Watching Speights

Don’t Speight The Player Speight The Game

My Speights In This World

This Living Room Is Really Speightscious

The Ballad Of Love And Speight

Speight Crime

Mo-Numents Men

In Speight Of It All I Still Love You


I Can’t Speight Till I Get You On The Floor Good Looking


The Speight Of Life Will Bring You Down

Sitting, Speighting, Wishing

Speighting On The World To Change  

Speighting For Tonight

Speights Oddity


I Wish I Could Buy Me A Speightsship And Fly Past The Sky

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