The New Realistic NBA Trade Machine (Version 2.0)

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Once again, ESPN has stepped up it’s technology with the new and improved REALISTIC NBA Trade Machine (Version 2.0).   Lucky for me, I got to give it a little test drive over the weekend to show our readers exactly how the Trade Machine works!



Step 1 – Intro

The first thing you do, is go to the homepage of the New NBA Trade Machine (Version 2.0) and follow the instructions below.


trade machine 12

Step 2: First Team

Now it’s time for you to select the first team you want involved in the trade.  In our case, we’ve selected the Brooklyn Nets.

trade machine real 1

Step 3: The Second Team

Here you will select the second team, in which you hope to make a trade with.  We’ve selected the Chicago Bulls

trade machine real 2

Step 4: The Players

We will now select the players we wish to be involved in this trade. For the Nets we’ve selected Joe Johnson and Mirza Teletovic.  For the Bulls it’s Luol Deng and Taj Gibson.  There are options to add a 3rd and even 4th team to this trade, but for testing purposes, we’ve kept this one simple.


trade machine real 3


Step 5: The Results

Now it’s time for the moment of truth.  Is the trade successful or a failure?  ESPN incorporates the salaries of each player involved, as well as the cap room and owed tax figures from each team at the top.

This is it.  I’m excited to see if our trade worked!



trade machine real


And there you have it.  It works perfectly.

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    I can’t wait to see how the new trade machine works by the way it looks I can tell it’s gonna be great

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