The New Orleans Pelicans’ Living Social Deal is Better than the Atlanta Hawks One

Living social

Last month the Hawks offered playoff tickets on Living Social because people weren’t attending playoff games for their local NBA team. This week the Pelicans are offering a basketball camp on Living Social. I’m no daily-coupon expert (I still have $12k in unused yogurt Groupons), but I believe the deal that Atlanta was offering pales in comparison to the one New Orleans currently is. ATL’s deal is like drafting Marvin Williams and NOLA’s deal is like drafting Chris Paul.

Look at the basketball camp. It looks awesome. Roger Mason Jr. is gonna be there. Was Roger Mason Jr. at the Atlanta playoff game? No. All registrants get a t-shirt, basketball AND a voucher to a future Pelicans game. That’s way more than a half-ass Atlanta Hawks playoff game, right? Right.

Also, Georgia’s state bird is the brown thrasher (not the Hawk). Also, the Falcons are the wet bread of the National Football League. Only ducks like wet bread. Do you want to be a duck? Look at this duck and tell me you want to be a duck. If (IF) we were all ducks, the one in the water would be Atlanta and the one standing up would be New Orleans.

What I’m trying to say is I cannot believe that Atlanta would have the audacity to have a playoff game on Living Social. New Orleans is a superior NBA city with a superior deal on Living Social. The pelican is the superior bird.

Who’s with me? Yogurt for everyone!

P.S. I’m sorry this post got out of hand.

P.P.S. Pelicans rule, Haws drool

Chris Trew is a comedian and writer based out of New Orleans and Austin where he performs regularly at The New Movement. He’s about to tour on the country hosting The Air Sex Championships. Follow him on twitter here and help him make a movie about the Air Sex tourhere.

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