The NBA’s Top Five Twitter Bios

javale mcgee deandre jordan

NBA analysts and fans expend countless hours of debate and megabytes of bloggage trying to get inside the heads of pro basketball stars. We read into their every expression, endlessly interpreting the lyrics of their body language in hope of gaining some glimmer of insight into their psyche.

Well, thankfully, the digital age offers us a hint of clarity in 140 character form: the Twitter bio.

In one short, self-edited and self-published statement, scores of NBA players officially introduce themselves to the world. What better source exists to creep inside their minds? So, with no further introduction, here are five NBA Twitter bios that I love (and believe speak volumes).


1. JaVale McGee

Pierre twitt

People love Pierre’s JaVale’s talent but question his mental makeup and passion for the game. I don’t know why… “Innovator of the self-Retweet and of the finger stache….#JUGLIFE ON A QUADRICORN” screams focused, team-oriented competitor to me.

2. DeAndre Jordan

DJ Twit

Why would anyone question whether a Netflix-loving, gluten-free cookie addict has what it takes to go to war with Z-Bo, Dwight or Duncan in a postseason series… (FYI, DeAndre’s Netflix recommendations include American Horror Story, Duck Dynasty, and especially, Breaking Bad!)

3. J.R. Smith

JR Smith Twit

Think about this next time you question J.R.’s shot selection. If you thought you were living your life in a tattoo gun, you’d take contested threes by the dozen also.

4. Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer twit

Jimmer keeps it simple, going with the two absolute baseline publically known facts about himself, a curious lack of punctuation, and a picture of a woman with whom he is not allowed to try caffeine. Good stuff.

5. Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez Twit

Yep. A self-appointed Screech Powers. It doesn’t get better than that.

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