The NBA: Groundbreaking Fashion Choices


The National Basketball Association has become a hotbed for wild, stylistic fashion choices over the years. This is extremely evident in the playoffs. Players like Durant and LeBron and Westbrook and Wade have begun to use their post game press conferences as a way to further their own clothing agendas. A sort of, “This is what I think is dope” movement. Colors and tailored double breasted suit jackets and dress pants with the cuff stopping above the ankle some of the many brave choices these men have begun to make.

Last night, following their three point overtime victory against the Thunder, the Grizzlies’ Mike Conley broke out a new accessory: a wooden hat. That’s right. He wore a hat made of wood. Which, you know, wow. What is going on?

It’s clear we’re in for a wild ride this post season, but that might not be limited to just the games. The wildness, the eccentricity, it extends beyond the court, to the podium. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of the clothing items/accessories I’d like to see worn this postseason.

– A glass shirt.

– A pair of marble shoes.

– Brick jeans.

– Plastic underwear.

– Metal socks.

– Cloth sunglasses.

– Crystal dress sweatpants.

– A cardigan made of cheese.

– Two live beagle dogs as jacket sleeves.

– A necklace made from the fallen locks of Joakim Noah’s hair.

– Formica T-shirt.

– Temporary tattoos of their favorite scenes from the original TGIF sitcoms — Eric Matthews as Plays With Squirrels, for instance.

– A shirt with Larry Bird’s face on it that says “I’m not him but I wish I was.”

– A ring made out of old fingernails.

– Flo from the Progressive commercials.

– Just have two guys doing trust falls during all your answers.

– Wear a speaker tied around your neck that alternates playing “Favorite Song of All” by Phillips, Craig, & Dean and “What A Job” by Devin The Dude.

– Yarn watch

– Rubber bands with Mario Ellie’s autograph on them.

These really aren’t that hard to execute, especially if you have money. Up your podium game, everyone

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