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Lockout ESPN

Lockout ESPN

If I can be real for a second, I’m going to start by introducing you to this Kickstarter for a musical involving the NBA.  Read on to catch up on a crazy journey involving the NBA and musical theater.


As you may have guessed, Ballerball is a satirical/light-hearted basketball site in which we have fun with the NBA culture.  Many of the writers for the site are heavily involved in the artistic community whether that be theater/improv/sketch comedy/etc.

There is one single project that we’ve been working on for about a year and a half called “The Lockout: A Musical.”  If the title didn’t give it away, it’s a musical about the NBA Lockout.  After a ton of hard work, rewrites and a staged reading, we are now in the marketing portion of our full scale production.

“The Lockout: A Musical” was written by myself and Ben Fort.  Fellow contributor, Tyler Parker stars in this project, as well as Wade Browning who has a column on here from time to time.

Here is a little clip from the staged reading.  This is Macon (the player) and Phil (the owner) discovering that they might be the answer to each other’s off-season dreams.

It’s rough and a little hard to hear so I put some lyrics below:

“But can it be that this nothing that we can’t push through,  that everything that I believe’s untrue, that you and me could be a BIG 2?  

But it can’t be.  

I believe that I could help this losing team succeed, that I’m the perfect piece this franchise needs… but you don’t believe. 

I believe that defense doesn’t measure someones heart, that all this kid needs is a fresh start, but that’s for someone else and not for me.  

But on that day, when our different teams are forced to play, will we just pretend it’s not this way.  Or will we turn our heads and look away.

You’ll be my superstar!  Who will dunk and pass and rebound… but better.  My superstar! Who will take the last shot at the in-bound.

But I don’t play defense…

Ssh.  The other guys can do that.

I don’t know what to say….

Say yes…. say yes!

I’ll be your superstar! “

During our staged reading we went on quite the little journey.  Mr. Henry Abbott asked for a copy of the script so he could write a column on the musical.  Click here to view that article. 

Once that column went up we were contacted by a top NBA executive who will remain anonymous.   He had this to say –

“I am super inspired by what Henry tells me about your musical. I would love to help with whatever you need. If you have time/interest I would love to chat for a few minutes when you have time available. I thought I was the only sports fanatic/musical nut around but you clearly have me beat!”

That resulted in me having a nice lunch with this executive as he gave us hilarious insider information that we are using in the musical.

My favorite part of this whole experience has been Adam Silver requesting that Denzel play him.  That really happened.

Like I said before, we are now at the marketing part of our show.  Below is a Kickstarter we have made that will help us create our key marketing tool for this show, a soundtrack.  This is essential to our marketing strategy to create a successful musical.

Here is our Kickstarter again.  You can read about all of our incentives and all the other technical stuff involved.


Thanks for reading and have a good day.  You may now resume your regular Ballerball viewing pleasures with these pictures:
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