The Josh Smith Effect


Ballerball sources have confirmed that teams are inquiring the Houston Rockets about Josh Smith’s availability.

“Of course we want  a Josh Smith! It would be wonderful to sign him then release him and see if that can lead to a win streak”, said one Western Conference Executive.

The executive is referring to the fact that the Detroit Pistons cut their highest paid player and then immediately went on a 5 game win streak – thus doubling their win total. NBA insiders are calling this the “The Josh Smith Effect.” It was going to be called “The J-Smoove Effect” but despite being in the league 10 years that nickname has never stuck.

The ever opportunistic Houston Rockets, who are 3-4 with Smith, are open to the idea of moving Smith.

Rockets’ GM, Daryl Morey, stated, “Look. Who knew that a last place team paying a player $27 million just to go away was a red flag? Of course we are looking at all possible avenues. If moving Josh Smith means immediately winning we would be silly not do that.”

This looks like the first time in league history that teams want to sign a player just so he can poison the locker room then move him thus immediately improving morale and play on the court.

An Eastern Conference scout told Ballerball, “Look this is Rudy Gay on steroids, but like what’s more powerful than steroids? What’s that illegal surgery that Jermaine O’neal is getting Germany? It’s like Rudy Gay getting that German surgery. Josh Smith is so toxic, the market has never been higher for him, its amazing!”

Josh Smith seems to be taking this news in stride by commenting, “If I can help a team by joining them and messing up all of the chemistry then leaving then I am happy to do that. I’m just here to play the basketball I want to play regardless of team or common sense.”

Check back with Ballerball for updates on this unfolding story.

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