The Inner Dialogue of a Poster: Draymond Green


If you see me out on the town

And it looks like I’m burning it down

You won’t ask and I won’t say

But in my heart I’m always somewhere with you

The Ches, baby. The Ches. Man, COME ON, Mark. Why we gotta do this staggered screen stuff again. We just got done running this thing. I don’t want to do this again. Feel like Nick Collison out here all these screens I’m having to set. Every job is important. Every task performed when you’re on the court is specifically and solely designed to help the team, not just an individual. Focus on the process. Focus on the process. Focus on the process.

My oh my you’re so good lookin

Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends

But I’ve not tasted all your cookin

Who are you when I’m not lookin

Let me get that hip out there. Chill out Kirk. Had to go wide. Nice. Taj, following Steph like everybody else. He’s so important. Steph is so important. What a cool guy Steph is, man. Such an important cool, guy. What a shooter. Mark Wahlberg type. Let me get wide open here. Steph probably bout to shoot it. Hit some fade away on a bad shot and the place will go crazy on account of their unintelligence, rewarding inefficient shots with shouts and applause. I’ll have to watch these highlights later on and there will be no mention of my screen. None. They’ll just talk about the make and then cut to a medium shot of him running down the court and that’ll be that and I won’t get any love. It is not about individual achievements or notoriety or any kind of positive affirmation from anyone that is outside of this locker room. If you are adding to the betterment of the team then you will be rewarded, if not here, then in eternity.

Oh, yo. Pocket pass. That’s coming to me. There ain’t nobody around either. Yam time. Let me catch it first. This floor is a nice color. I should tell someone. People worked hard on this. Who can I tell? Cleetus? I’ll check with him. Wonder what it’s made of? What type of wood. Was it dyed? Stained? Caught. Man, nobody’s rotating yet? For real? Oh, man. No. That’s Joakim. Why he moving so fast? Chill out, dude. Step into the chill station. Fill up at the chill station. Get you some regular unleaded gas at the chill station and cool out for a second. He’s not cooling out for a second. Gotta hustle then.

Let me drop step. I guess it’s about time to rise then. Make myself a Slam poster. Yuhhh. Kim, no. NOOOOOO. On his head. ON HIS HEAD. FIND YOURSELF INSIDE THE RIM. Oh, man. Oh, man. Yammo. Turkey with a side of yummy, delicious yams. Slow Yams. Eric Dickerson was a great running back for the Los Angeles Yams. Yam Chops with mashed potatoes and gravy. Space Yam. Yam Bradford is a quarterback for the St. Louis Yams. Yam Town, USA. Population unknown due to an inordinate amount of yamming. Yambori. Yambo. Yamboni. Yambabwe.


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