The Eric Gordon Blues

eric gordon

Here’s a question I’ve been asking myself every day since December 14th, 2011:

Why does Eric Gordon hate New Orleans?

I remain bamboozled, and I haven’t found an answer.

You see, for a while, I could get it. He’s 23 (22 at the time). There’s a sexy appeal to playing in LA. There’s Hollywood. There’s media galore. There’s Blake Griffin. There’s fame, both real and manufactured. It’s where you go to “make it.” Even if you play for the Clippers. So I get that.

And I get that in the moment you are moving from a trendy up and coming team to a situation with a lot more question marks. Who would buy the Hornets? Would they stay in New Orleans? Even if they do, will they even be worth a damn in two, three, four years from now?

But shouldn’t that have all been put to rest on April 12th, 2012? Really it’s been nothing but good news since, then, no? Well, except for when they took Austin Rivers 10th overall. Apparently his crossover is so good even Dell Demps fell for it.

Anyhow, after a few years of instability and lackluster fan support, the Hornets seem to finally have an outlined future. They have an owner that gives a shizz. They have a GM that many consider an up and comer. They have a universally adored and respected head coach. They should have two superstars. They added a nice complementary piece. They even have cap room to drop dime on one more max player to ensure they could be big three-ing. So there’s plenty enough of David Stern’s basketball reasons for him to stick around.

If Eric Gordon cracked a fortune cookie, it would have read, “The future is yours.”

But hell, even without basketball reasons, what’s so bad about New Orleans?

New Orleans offers a genuine cultural experience, unlike the manufactured plastic history of LA. Perhaps this is lost on someone as nuanced and sophisticated as an Indiana boy such as Gordon. Oh that’s right, Eric Gordon is from Indiana. America’s cultural center.

But seriously, what’s so bad about living in New Orleans? They have a lively bar scene, gobs of beautiful women, delicious food and bottomless strip clubs. If you are 23 and lonely there’s surely some place that will take you in.

New Orleans has great music, tons of celebrity traffic (especially due to the tax friendly options for film industry). Plus, a whole lot of Brad Pitt. Sure, you may not get as many posh LA parties nor the Playboy Mansion, but it’s still pretty dang dope. It’s not as if you got traded to Charlotte or Detroit or Milwaukee, Eric. There’s even a great NFL team you could enjoy rooting for. LA doesn’t have that.

So what’s the deal? Why does Eric Gordon hate New Orleans? There’s plenty of basketball reasons and life reasons and money reasons to enjoy it. But I guess sometimes a little knee pain can really warp your perspective, huh?

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