The Epic Tale of Tony Parker’s Shot


Story is best read allowed in an English accent, with some sort of flute playing in the background. 



The Beginnings

Spurs 2

Sir Parker controls the Orange Stone, as well as his destiny, in this battle against a fierce enemy. His crew has the upper-hand for now.  The Tan Howlers look on.  They want their soldiers to gain control of the Orange Stone because it matches the color of their orange skin.

Sir Parker remembers his promises to his dear old friend, Sir Duncan.  A “dynasty” is the prize for Sir Parker, Sir Duncan and the rest of their crew. Preparation is not necessary… they know what must be done.

His eyes glance at 24 Second Watch Tower, costing .5 precious Eons.  The knowledge is worth the loss, though. In 24 seconds-time, the tower will be destroyed, giving hope to the merciless King James, a man who should never be given a second chance.


The Tri-Arch Cliffs

The top of the Tri-Arch Cliffs is where Sir Parker sets up his camp.  His plans are to travel to the Western Keys and along the Base-Line Forest, into the Painted Paradise where he will set the Orange Stone on its proper resting place.

This shall be no easy task. He feels the eyes of the Bosh upon him.  The Bosh is hell-bent on winning back the love of his country, after being dared to shoot his arrow and missing… over and over and over again.  The eyes of the Bosh linger on Sir Parker.  The Bosh keeps his distance, which is wise when keeping watch on Sir Parker from the Tri-Arch Cliffs.  He is cunning from the cliffs, and his new-found ability to hit a target from the Town of Down makes him that much more difficult to contain.  Below the Cliffs are battles for space and positions from the fighting warriors.  He sees Sir Duncan.  He sees King James.   But first… the Bosh.


A Diversion

Bosh and Wade

The 24 Second Watch Tower is drawing close to destruction and action must be taken.  He sees the green eyes of the Bosh.  They are peering straight into the Orange Stone.  Sir Parker uses his cunning mind to distract the Bosh with trickery he learned from the days of yore.  He quickly tosses the Orange Stone between his legs and watches the Bosh’s eyes move.


As the Bosh’s eyes move, so does Sir Parker as he gains the step on his opponent.  A moment, which is an eternity in battle, has been given to Sir Parker.  The Basketball gods are good to him…. or so he thought.


A Sneaky Enemy

The Bosh is underestimated by most, including Sir Parker.  As Parker sets for the Western Key, Bosh quickly regains his mind.  He sees Sir Parker moving and he, too, moves along with him.  Sir Parker meets the chest of the Bosh.

A squealing noise comes flashing down upon him.  Master Wade is there with agile hands and feet.  Sir Parker did not see this master of illusion coming from the wings.

Master Wade is just that, a master of illusion.  If one thinks he is going East, he pulls West.  If one thinks he is injured, he rises to his feet and pounces.  This is the brilliance of Master Wade.

Sir Parker, cocky with the Orange Stone, lets the hand of Master Wade brush upon it.  A touch.  Master Wade’s senses begin to rage.  His eyes turn a blood red.  He whacks the ball, a whack that could cause another man to lose possession.  But not this man.  Not Sir Parker.  Control is regained, for now.


The Base-Line Forest

Sir Parker was supposed to set up camp in the Western Keys.  He was hoping to have a feast, maybe make love to a young maiden girl.  However, with the unexpected visit from Master Wade and the Bosh still on his heels, he is forced to journey onward much quicker than he expected towards the Base-Line Forest.

Many tell tales of the Base-Line Forest.  It is said by the wise that you must never stop and hold the Orange Stone there.  On the one side you have Tan Howlers, wishing for your demise and on the other, your enemies who can only smell blood in the Base-Line Forest.  Tis best to keep in constant move, never hold the Orange Stone, and get out of there as quickly as humanly possible.  This was Sir Parker’s plan.


Change of Plans: The Presence of a King

LeBron 3


As scary as the Base-Line Forest is, the view is simply breathtaking.  The tall trees almost seem beautiful.  One is always tempted to think of it as a peaceful place and Sir Parker almost sinks into these lies.

Suddenly King James reveals himself to Sir Parker.  The stature of the King is magnificent.  If anyone can stop Sir Parker, it is the King.

The King is the most power and destructive force to set foot on land.  He must always prove his worthiness while always being worthy.  This is his curse.

Sir Parker must change his course of action at once.  He immediately turns around and journeys to the Wild Wings.  He sees the entire land, moving very quickly.  The Bosh has been distracted by another member of Sir Parker’s crew.

In a flash, a companion named the Mighty Manu appears.  Mighty Manu slashes towards the target, crying for the Orange Stone.  Sir Parker knows this is the right choice but fails to act in a timely manner.  A mistake.


The Fall of Sir Parker

The chance to pass the Orange Stone to the Mighty Manu haunts Sir Parker’s daydreams.

If only.

The consequence of this missed opportunity results in another unfortunate visit.  Master Wade unexpectedly appears and takes another swipe at Sir Parker.  This time, it would cost him his legs.

A slip in the Wild Wings.  But why?  Legends say that the Wild Wings were once inhabited by buffalo, and their stool that lay on the ground produce a slick surface.  Mr. Parker, as he falls to the ground remembers this.  He thinks to himself, “Damn the Buffalo Wild Wings.”

He is down.  The moon has almost crashed.  Sir Parker’s crew looks on to see that he has held the Orange Stone and cannot take another step with it again.  All hope was lost.  On the ground of the Wild Wings, King James stands over him.

“Mercy,” says King James as he stares at the struggling Sir Parker.  “I believe it is a fiction, much like love.”



A Memory

If there was ever a word that could strike the heart-chords of Sir Parker, it was love.  He closes his eyes and sees his father and mother and old family K-9, staring at him.  They are smiling.  His father is waving.  The K-9 is also waving.  Impressive beast.  Sir Parker’s mother produces a single tear.  Her fat brother, Gary, is behind them, holding his thumbs to the sky to show his approval.  Sir Parker loved his parents and his fat uncle Gary.


Second Life

the shot 2

This memory revitalizes Sir Parker.  He is a new man who finds new legs.  He smiles at the suddenly puzzled King James.

Sir Parker turns his back to the king and rises to his feet.  There is no time to look at the 24 Second Watch Tower.  He must use his instincts and trust that the Basketball gods are watching over him.  He sees the target all the way from the Wild Wings.  He jumps to throw the Stone.

King James meets him in the air.  His strong arms thrash the air.  The air whimpers.

Sir Parker’s release is stalled!  But the Watch Tower?!  He has no time not to attempt to throw the Orange Stone.  Sir Parker’s crew is doomed and the knowledge is felt by those looking onward. King James will have his opportunity to gain victory.

Wait a tick.  Could it be?  A legendary move that was passed down from generations of yore…  said to be created by a dragon in the sea?  Could it be this move!?  It is!

The Double Pump!  Sir Parker applies the move and as the Orange Stone leaves his fingertips, the 24 Second Watch Tower begins to catch fire. Destruction is near.  The Orange Stone flies in the air.  Angels’ voices appear and guide the Stone.  It touches the clear crystal behind the target and falls into its rightful place.

King James screams a classic “NO” and vanishes, along with Master Wade and the Bosh.  The Tan Howlers screech and also vanish.  This is all temporary and the land knows this.  King James and his crew will be back.


A Celebration

But for now, a celebration for Sir Parker.  He smiles at his companions and sees his old pal, Sir Duncan.

“Closer, my friend,” says Sir Parker

“Indeed,” says Sir Duncan.

The two warriors toasted to the day and the temporary battle.  Today’s history is written as tomorrow’s tale’s await an author.

Who will rise?



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