“Finding Their Groove” – The Difference Between The Lakers, Pistons, Mavericks, and Hornets

all teams 3

all teams 3

Sunday – Jan 27th, 2013

The Pistons – 104 -102 *Win
The Mavericks  – 110 -95 *Win
The Hornets – 91-83 *Win
The Lakers – 105-96 *Win

The Pistons, Mavericks, Hornets and Lakers are all struggling teams that played and WON  each game they played yesterday. So why is there only one single struggling team that sticks out above the rest?

Let me tell you.

The Lakers, according to most media sources, were the only bad team that won yesterday that might have “found their groove” and according to some, “have turned a corner!”

But what about those other bad teams?  Didn’t they also win yesterday?  Shouldn’t they have found their “grooves” or turned their “corners?”

No chance… no shot… no hope… no need to discuss.  Shut up.

They aren’t the Lakers.  It’s a deep thing that only the smartest minds understand.

Here’s a pie chart to help us all understand.

*This first chart shows you that between the four teams there were four wins to be had yesterday.  With the help of advanced mathematicians  – we’ve found the results to yesterdays wins.

Win Share

So when it comes to wins -each team won 25% of the 4 games that were played.


Luckily – we don’t need our silly numbers guys anymore because our lovely media outlets have already figured it out for us!

*This second chart is showing the amount of “groove” to be found yesterday and the results after all of the games.

Groove Chart

The Lakers found 100% of the groove yesterday…

Which is impressive considering that the Pistons are two games out of the playoffs in the East, where the 8th seed just became wide open.

And the Mavericks had a dominant win by 15 pts against Phoenix to put them a half game behind LA.

Or that New Orleans beat a great Memphis Grizzlies team.

One more chart that shows you a timeline of groove discovered before, during and after, yesterday’s games.

Grove Line Chart

For the Lakers to be the only team that “found their groove” or “turned a corner” yesterday – well that’s very impressive and I have to respect that… just like everybody else…

way way way too much.


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