The Amazing Adventures of HeroBall Returns

Heroball Cover

Chapter 31: The Final Scheme

New York City
November 2nd, 2013
9:45 p.m.

The city is almost completely destroyed by the evil Family Doctor Dungeon and his twisted army of nurse practitioners. It’s up to our five heroes, Mr. Might, Vapor, Glass Girl, Jet Wing, and HeroBal,l to save the day!

“Where’s HeroBall?”  cries Mr. Might, as they are battling the twisted army of nurse practitioners.

“I don’t know!  He just threw a folding chair and stormed off when we didn’t use him in our slingshot collaborative attack.”  replied Glass Girl.

Our heroes were about to take out the twisted army.  Suddenly, HeroBall appears on a razor scooter.  He stands casually with a twizzler in his mouth as our heroes notice a sticker on the scooter that says,Clear the lane.

“Looks like you can use a hand.” says HeroBall. ”

“Yes!” replied Jet Wing.  “Vapor and I will distract the twisted army while you and Mr. Might drop the net down and…”

“Yo. I got this”

…said HeroBall as he scooted directly into the army.

“HEROBALL, NO!!!!!!!”  yelled Glass Girl.

HeroBall was quickly beaten up and thrown into the river.  The army continued to wreak havoc on the city. Just as he was about to wash away, Vapor swooped in and carried him to safety.

As HeroBall laid unconscious on the ground, our heroes developed a new scheme which involved combining all of their super powers.  If they can put the Evil Family Doctor’s necklace in the vortex, then he and his army will be destroyed forever. HeroBall lay motionless, able to hear but unable to move.  He began to dream about his training, with Master Rudy Gay…

rudy gay hero ball

HeroBall felt a sudden rush and sprung up to see his super crew, working together to defeat the enemy.  Jet Wing flew around the army of nurse practitioners with Glass Girl as she hurled large chunks of glass at them.  Apparently, that’s her super power.  Vapor is using his venomous vapor spray to take out more of the army.  And Mr. Might had the evil Family Doctor Dungeon on the ledge.  The plan appeared to be working, just as it was written up.  Mr. Might grabbed the evil Family Doctor’s necklace and held it over the vortex.

“FOR THE TROOOOOOPS!!!!!” shouted Mr. Might.

Suddenly, HeroBall shoved Mr. Might aside and said…

“Yo.  I got this.”  

“HeroBall!  What are you doing?!  You’re ruining the plan!” exclaimed Mr. Might.

HeroBall examines his surroundings and notices the necklace in his hand.  Just then, five nurse practitioners surround him.  He knows he has to REALLY step his game up now.  Mr. Might stood to his feet and began to run towards to set a distraction pick but HeroBall ran the opposite direction then waived him off.

“Guys.  Clear out.” said HeroBall.

Vapor stood by the vortex, with nobody noticing .

“HeroBall.  I’m like… right here.  Nobody is anywhere close to me.  Just give me the damn necklace.”  said Vapor.

“Get off me.  Yo, that’s a foul!   Get off me.”  said HeroBall as he ran around in circles for eight seconds, completely ignoring the uncovered Vapor.

HeroBall  finally threw a the necklace towards the vortex from 45 feet away.  The necklace soared well over the vortex and landed in the ocean.

“Ah.  Shoot guys.  Hey, this one’s on me.”  said HeroBall.

Ten minutes later, the city was completely destroyed.

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