The Amazing Adventures of HeroBall: Book 1 – Chapter 27


The following is an excerpt from “The Amazing Adventures of HeroBall”, Book 1. 

Chapter 27: Executing the Plan


Los Angeles, California
March 14, 2012
8:43 a.m.

When our heroes arrive, chaos has already ensued.  Everywhere you look destruction is taking place.  The devistation is caused by the five giant robots taking over the Los Angeles skyline.

“Bastards!” screams Mr. Might.

“Chill.  I got this,” says HeroBall, as he gets back in his golf cart and cracks open an orange Fanta.

“Where are you going?  We have to follow the plan!  There is a higher percentage for us succeeding if we go with the team approach!  There are too many of them for you to take on by yourself!” cries Vapor.

“I’m going to win this thing,” HeroBall says calmly.

He starts the engine of the golf cart and throws the half empty Fanta against a brick wall.  The moment would have been cooler if it was a glass bottle, but it wasn’t.  It’s a plastic bottle so just bounces around.

HeroBall speeds away at about 25mph.  The group of heroes notice the license plate on the back of the golf cart reads “IG0TTHI$”

The heroes head closer to the action.  They decide to follow through on the plan, although it is a bit altered now.  HeroBall has been changed to become the distraction, because, well… he has inadvertently decided to be that.

First, Jet Wing flies around all of the robots creating a cyclone that is forcing the robots closer to one another.  He then cuts toward Santa Monica, to lead the giants closer to the ocean.  Next, Glass Girl cunningly flips around and touches all of their missile launchers turning them into glass.  Then Vapor sets up right in front of the sea.

The robots all see Vapor as he yells, “Hey, robot scum!  Over here!”

Robots hate being called “scum.”

They start running towards Vapor.  They are getting closer and closer.  Vapor can feel the beads of sweat on his forehead.  Right as the giant robots are ever-so-close, Vapor evaporates into thin air to join the others who are helping the citizens in Los Angeles.

The robots stop and look confused, or at least as confused as a robot can look.

“Looking for something?” asks Mr. Might

The robots turn around and Mr. Might winds up his super punch.  He thrusts forward screaming “JUSTICE!”

His fist is five feet away.  Now four feet, three feet, two feet.  And it appears the beautiful plan has finally come to fruition for our heroes…

“Hold up.  I got this,” interrupts HeroBall as he pushes Mr. Might out of the way.

“No! Not HeroBall!” screams Mr. Might, as he twirls through the air.

“Hey!  Robots.  Five on one.  Let’s do this,”  says HeroBall.

The Robots swing for HeroBall as he pivots around not exactly knowing what to do.

“Let me help you,” pleads Mr. Might.  “I’ll set a pick for you so you can run around the robots and kick them into the sea.”

Mr. Might doesn’t wait for the approval.  He gets in the robots way,  hoping the HeroBall will take the help and run around to kick them into the sea.

HeroBall completely ignores the pick and goes the opposite way.  Mr. Might gets clobbered and is knocked out cold.

At this point, it just appears that HeroBall is running in circles yelling “Whatchu think you can handle this?!”

Meanwhile, The main robot engages in a super secret missile launch.  The powerful missiles are located in his eyes.  The only one who can save the city of Los Angeles is HeroBall, who is still running in circles yelling, “Whatchu think you can handle this?!”

Suddenly, HeroBall notices the eye missiles and decides it’s time to REALLY step up and take over.

He looks at a golden locket that is hanging from his neck.  Inside is a picture of Selma Hayek.  He looks at it and says “I got this.” as he throws the locket into the sea.

HeroBall runs over to the foot of the robot and calls out “ISO.”  He picks up a giant boulder and puts his back to the giant main robot toe.  HeroBall appears to be trying to back him into the ocean.  It’s slowly working.

As he’s backing the main robot down he screams, “Get off me!”

Finally, HeroBall gives one final push with his back and quickly turns around and falls away.  He throws the boulder at the robot and it flies into the air in slow motion.

It flies through the air.

It completely misses the robot.

The missiles shoot out of the robot’s eyes and destroy the city of Los Angeles.

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