Steve Nash Discovers He’s Steve Nash

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I was at Wing Stop with a friend from barre fusion watching game seven of the National League championship when I saw it… and it all made sense. 

steve nash 2Nash said he’s had a hunch for several years now that he’s the same ‘Steve Nash’ that he hears about on Sports Center during the NBA season but he never quite put it together until last Sunday night.

“That Canada PR commercial came on and I saw myself in normal clothes in my natural environment—where I grew up and it hit me like sack of [truck].”  

Nash spoke to the Lakers’ team therapist after hearing the news.  While sitting on the Siberian Tiger skin chaise he started putting years of a split life into one.  Laker’s therapist said that Nash’s condition is unlike anything he’s ever seen.

He said Nash’s cortex was simply too simple to process all the ‘two-years-too-late’ hair styles, being Canadian, and being a basketball fundamentals idol.

nash wordsSo in short, his mind spilt. He worked hard on the court and off the court resorting into the guy you hang out with that can never ride shotgun and says “Haha, what?” after the group laughter from a joke dims down.

“Honestly, it’s liberating.  I was trying to process why I didn’t have a job but had income. Haha.”

Be looking for the same Nash you know on the court this season. But off the court, lives another man… the same man, who’s known as Stephen John Nash, fully realized.

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