Steve Clifford’s Cover Letter To The Charlotte Bobcats



The Charlotte Bobcats announced Lakers assistant Steve Clifford as their new head coach yesterday, their 6th in 7 years. Ballerball obtained the cover letter Clifford sent in his pursuit of the position.



Rod Huggins

General Manager

Charlotte Bobcats

330 E. Trade St.
Charlotte, NC 28202


Dear Mr. Huggins,

I am writing to express my interest in becoming your Head Coach.

I have thoroughly reviewed the job description, requirements and qualifications listed on the Bobcats website and I believe I meet what you are seeking: I own multiple suits, I can pronounce “Bismack Biyombo,” I like to win but don’t hate to lose.

After more than two decades as a high school Division II college coach, and as an NBA assistant under the likes of Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van Gundy, and Mike D’Antoni, I desperately want the opportunity to lead a professional team on my own. While colleagues have tried to dissuade me, calling this position, “a death trap,” “hardwood quicksand,” “career suicide,” and “the fast track to being a CBS Sports Network basketball pundit in 12 months,” I refuse to be deterred. I want this job.

I am an unlikely basketball story. As you might know, I grew up in Derby Line, Vermont, where basketball, like all other sports, is played outdoors and on ice. My team won our high school state championship game by a score of 12-8. Vermont’s first dunk was recorded in 2006. I didn’t see a made three-pointer until I turned 19.

Where others might turn their nose up at your Bobcats, waiting for “the right job to come along,” or “an opportunity to succeed,” I am totally ok with giving Brendan Haywood (and his atrocious 8.8 PER) 20+ minutes per night if that is what the roster requires. I just want the chance to be a head coach and I would be honored if you could help make my dream come true.


Steve Clifford


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