SHOCKING: “Ball Don’t Lie” Ball Admits to Lying In a 1-on-1 Interview with Ballerball

Ball Interview

Ball Interview

When Rasheed Wallace gets called for a foul and the fouled person misses his free throw, Wallace typically shouts “Ball Don’t Lie.” The ball from “Ball Don’t Lie” has decided to sit down with Ballerball for an exclusive interview about what took place while he was on the court.  We will pull no punches.


Thanks for sitting with us.  I’d like for you to answer the following questions with a “yes” or “no” answer.



People claim that you don’t lie when you aren’t made after a questionable free throw.  Have you ever lied after a foul?



Have you ever lied after a questionable technical foul?



Do you think it’s possible to tell the truth for the 18 seasons that Rasheed Wallace has been in the league?

In my opinion?  No.  I didn’t invent “Ball Don’t Lie” but I didn’t stop it.


We are done with the “yes” and “no” portion of the interview.



That wasn’t a question.  For years the claim has been out there that you don’t lie, when in reality, you do.  Why now?

That’s the best question I’ve ever heard.  I’ve physically never heard a better question be asked in my life.  It’s absolutely too late to answer.


So are you going to answer the question?




I’d just say, it’s one big “Ball Don’t Lie.”


Was it hard to live up to the “Ball Don’t Lie” picture that was created.

Impossible.  Hey, I looked perfect.  I had the perfect life.  I’m orange and round – you can’t ask for anything more.  It was hard to live up to.


What was the culture like for all the NBA balls.

I can’t speak to that.  No, I’m not going to speak on that.


You were the ball in charge?  Were you a bully?

Yeah.  I had to control the narrative of the game.  I would do it at any cost.  It’s a character flaw, or at least some call it that.  I personally didn’t think so until, like… just this second.


Rasheed Wallace is somebody who repeatedly supported you.  Was he lying and do you think your association with him hurt your image?

Look, it’s all out there.  I think Rasheed is the greatest human being on the face of this planet, but it’s all out there for people to draw their own conclusions.


Watch these clips please:


Andrew Bogut, Austin Rivers, Kwame Brown, and Goran Dragic.  All of these men, have been affected by you.  Is there any truth to them getting fouled.

I lied about all of those men, except Goran Dragic.  Look, I know I’m not believable right now, but the guy flops.  I did not lie about his foul.  For everyone else, yes.  I should have gone in the hoop.

I never called anyone fat.  I just wanna get that out there…


Very strange but OK.  Do you regret coming back with Rasheed in 2012?

I do.  I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t.


You had to know this day was coming?  

I hurt a lot of people, but I never thought I’d get caught.  In the old days, there was no instant replay.  Now, things are different.  They can just show up at your house and instant replay you.  They even come and take my piss.  I honestly don’t know why.


You seem awfully unemotional and unsympathetic right now.  Some would even call you arrogant.    

Wow.  That hurts.  I might cry.



No.  No I won’t.


Do you have anything more to say?

Ball did lie before.  Ball don’t lie now and Ball won’t ever lie again.


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