Selling Pacers Tickets



The Indiana Pacers are the 3rd best team in the Eastern Conference, have one of the best defenses in the league, and an emerging superstar in Paul George. Despite all of these positives, the Indiana Pacers can’t sell out a playoff home game. We at Ballerball understand. The economy is tough! Selling tickets? Why would an NBA team know how to do that?  Packing home games is so hard, especially if you have a good product on the court! Here are some ideas for the Indiana Pacers on how they can create Buzz and help get a full Bankers Life Fieldhouse.


  1. First 5,000 fans get a Colts Peyton Manning Jersey.
  2. Guerrilla Marketing: Ask people walking in Downtown Indianapolis “Who is Lance Stephenson?” If they answer correctly they get courtside seats!
  3. TV Ads. Make commercials showing classic Pacer playoff highlights. Like that one time Reggie Miller had 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks. Or that other time Reggie Miller had 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks………….
  4. Beatles Trivia! The Answer is either Paul or George! Get 5 correct answers you get lower level seats!
  5. Hot Jamz! D.J. Augustin is spinning the dopest tunes on his turntable on the bench! Now fans will really love when he’s not playing.
  6. Reality TV Show called “Tyler and Ben” where Tyler and Ben Hansbrough vie for their father’s approval. Spoiler Alert: They never get it!
  7. A book club with Roy Hibbert called “The Roy Luck Club”. He leads a discussion of the book at Halftime.
  8. Game Show! Called “What shot WON’T Gerald Green take?” The answer is always “He’ll probably take it.”
  9. Call Pacer games “The Indy 600”.
  10. Start Larry Bird for Home Games.


Best of Luck! We hope that these Buzz-worthy ideas help put people in the seats! Also Pacer Fans, you have a pretty good team and are in the playoffs; you should probably go see them.


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