Second Annual: Indie NBA Jersey Art

jersey cover

Back by popular demand, we present to you our Second Annual Indie NBA Jersey Art.   Here’s last year’s batch, ICYMI. 


Hey guys.  It’s Victor Zac Michael again.  I bleed NBA, but mostly… I just bleed.  Before there was ever even a ball or anything, I loved the NBA.  Now it’s mainstream and it sucks, with all it’s “dribbling” and “shooting.”  The game needs to quit selling out and get back to basics.  There’s so much war… you know?

Here is my submission for next year’s Christmas Day jerseys.  This year’s jersey’s had sleeves.  There’s no room for spiritual individual artistic expression in thosejerseys.  Anyways, here’s mine.  Enjoy… or don’t because I probably hate you.


Miami Heat: Circle of Life Jersey

Heat Jersey 2

San Antonio Spurs: Galactic Jersey

Spurs Jersey 1


Brooklyn Nets: On Fire Jersey

Brooklyn Nets 1

Golden State: Ecstasy Jersey

Golden State Jersey 1


Indiana Pacers: Breaking Jersey

Pacers Jersey 1

New York Knicks: Denim Jersey

New York Knicks Jersey 1

Los Angeles Lakers: Howling Jersey

lakers jersey 1

Los Angeles Clippers: Artistic Protection Jersey

clippers jersey 1


Since the NBA insists on adding sleeves and materials, I took it a step further for the sake of art.


Boston Celtics: 3/4 Sleeved Jersey

Boston Celtics 1

Oklahoma City Thunder: Scarf Jersey

Thunder Jersey 2

Houston Rockets: Onesie Jersey

Houston Rockets Jersey 1

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