Ryan Gosling Discusses the Lakers

Ryan Gosling at the Soho Hotel  in London, Britain - 2011

Ryan Gosling at the Soho Hotel  in London, Britain - 2011

The Lakers are in shambles at the moment.  What does Ryan Gosling think about that?  Let’s manipulate things he’s said in the past and find out.

*Note: All quotes came straight from Ryan Gosling — they are just taken way out of context.  Enjoy!




Good Morning, Ryan.  Thank you for joining us to discuss the Lakers.

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How would you describe the Laker 2012-2013 season?

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If you were coach Mike D’Antoni, how would you respond to the Laker struggles?

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Strong words.  If D’Antoni was fired, do you think you could be a good coach for the Lakers?

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D’Antoni has had Pau Gasol playing different positions all season.  What advice would you give Gasol?

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True.  If the Lakers decide to trade Gasol, do you think that would be a positive for his career?

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Do you think that Steve Nash can use his leadership to push this team into the playoffs?

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Great point.  Let’s talk a little about Dwight Howard.  Do you think his reputation is permanently damage by his actions in Orlando?

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Insightful.  What do you think the “theme” is for Dwight Howard in the past two seasons?

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That’s deep stuff…



NO!  How man times do I have to tell you?  We don’t need an interview with you!


Sorry about that…

Dwight Howard is playing with a hurt shoulder.  Any advice to help him feel better?

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Do you think Dwight Howard is a liar?

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Um… alright.  Let’s move on to Kobe Bryant.  What do you think is his story?

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I see.  Kobe can be hard on people.  What would you do if Kobe told you that you sucked?

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Where do you think all of these players will go, as individuals?

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I guess.  So where do the Lakers go from here, as a team?

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Ok, last question.  Do you think the Lakers will make the playoffs?

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I’d like to thank Ryan Gosling for joining us today.

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