Russell Westbrook and #whynotwednesdays

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It happens on Twitter after every Tuesday; Why Not Wednesday.  If you’re unfamiliar with Why Not Wednesday, let me catch you up to speed.  Russell Westbrook, point guard for the OKC Thunder personally runs a twitter account under @russwest44.  This is the platform he uses to leave his mark on the world with a cause that weighs heavy on his heart: why not.  

What does Why Not mean?  What does it change?  Who does it change?  How does it change and when?  Let’s have a look at what Why Not is doing to a few of Westbrook’s Disciples:

There you go Greemz! Do what no Italian has done before. Why not?

Nathan, you animal! Kiss her/him with sincerity.  While we’re at it, why not a yin-yang emoji in your Twitter handle?

Ian, you bet!

That is what we’re talking about, Glenn! Why-not yourself all over Melbourne, bud.

Aidan, you have cognitively brushed spirits with the founders of Judeo-Christian morality with the timeless wisdom in this statement.  People will judge us no matter what we do, so why not do whatever you want to do?  Why not break a sweat, take my shirt off, snap a self portrait, make that photo my Twitter avatar, set my profile to public, and end up on this blog so that everyone can hear the exhortation that will eventually put me in state custody?

With all these positive influences that Why Not is having on my examples I’ve shown you, there are some casualties to Why Not.  These are people who think they get it.  Who think they understand the complexities and power of Why Not.  But, I’m about to show you that they indeed do not get Why Not.

Leah, because we have to do November first.

Why not?  Because, commercial-free, that makes nine episodes and that will not help usher in a #relationshipguyslife.

‘Cause it looks like boogers and it’s not 2002.  That’s #whynot.

Oh, I bet you won’t.

Wait, what?

It doesn’t take a minister to point out how Why Not is changing the lives of Russell Westbrook’s followers.  It’s been accepted, digested, and manifested through the people who read these words and let it turbo charge their everyday decisions.  So, act.  What’s your Why Not?  


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