Roger Mason is NOT Involved in the Music Industry

roger mason jr
Despite this recent article by Jared Zwerling on, Roger Mason is NOT involved in any way whatsoever with the music industry. This is a fact that is not only supported by evidence (Roger Mason is a professional basketball player with the New Orleans Hornets and therefore has no time to do anything else) but by Mason himself.
“I am not involved in the music industry in any way whatsoever” said Mason, professional basketball player with the New Orleans Hornets. “I don’t have time to do anything else” he added.
The record company that Mason is not a part of at all is Weight Records. Weight Records has a CEO named Omari Ware and also another one. David Stern, had he been aware of Mason’s involvement with the music industry may be “proud” of Mason but he is not aware of Mason’s involvement because Roger Mason Jr. (shooting guard, New Orleans Hornets) has no involvement in the music industry despite anything this ESPN post may have said.
The below video is not from Weight Records. Please do not ask Roger Mason about this but please, for the sake of whoever is in charge of all of this, consider buying the album.

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