Richard Jefferson Thinks Ryan Adams’ 1989 is Bullsh*t

RJ 1989

“How is this even legal?” Richard Jefferson asked over email.

“I’m all for experimental things. Last week someone told me to put potato chips on a sandwich and I did it no problem. Thought it was super disgusting but I wasn’t afraid to take a risk because that’s what I do. Check the RJ tat on my arm for proof. But this album isn’t a risk. It’s bullsh*t. Would we call vomiting on the the Mona Lisa a risk? Come on.”

Richard Jefferson proceeded to email his favorite cover songs, which were all just YouTube clips of people audition for NBC’s “The Voice.”

“News Flash, Mr. Adams. This is how it’s done.”

I attempted to turn the email discussion to the upcoming season but Jefferson wouldn’t let it go.

“LeBron is cool. Whatever. I’m sorry. Artistry matters to me. It matters to modern culture. To have some old white guy with a guitar spit on a classic upsets me, as it should. He doesn’t get our generation, man. Taylor is going to be pissed when she see’s this.”

I then emailed Jefferson the following tweet…

“See, this is the problem. Everything’s so PC these days… she probably felt the pressure to support this trash. Nobody is allowed to say what they really think anymore. I don’t know Taylor personally but I definitely know her spiritually through her music and there is no way the real Taylor Swift would ever get behind this. The world is just way too politically correct. I feel for her, man.”

*Not even close to real


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