Quick Rundown: The NBA Cares – Gregg Popovich Doesn’t


Quick Rundown:

So when the NBA found out that Gregg Popovich sent his superstars home to rest up after a tough road trip, the NBA was pissed — and like my mother — they were pissed because they care.

Doesn’t Pop care about the fans – about the people?

I can tell you one thing:


NBA Cares (1)



“He’s not a good NBA Cares guy…”  says Spurs assistant coach, P.J. Carlesimo.

Let’s look at our favorite Gregg Popovich “I don’t care” quotes:

“I’ve already decided that there’s no way that all the players are going to get the minutes they want.  The second thing I determined is I don’t care”

You think I care what Tony Parker says?”

“Well I don’t care about anybody else.”

(When asked about the Spurs not getting attention, despite winning so much)

“We don’t care.”  

“I don’t care what he’s up to.”

(When asked about being less regarded than coaches like Jackson and Riley)

“No.  I’m not being a wise-ass.   No, I don’t care.”

Those quotes were more for my own humor and enjoyment.  Here’s the second part of the Carlesimo quote:

“…He cares. But if nobody knows, he’s happier about it. Given a choice, he’d rather go without the film crew.”

I hate to break it to you, NBA – but Pop cares. It’s just not what you want him to care about.  He doesn’t care about the fans in Miami or TV ratings or money.  He cares about his players and their health.  He also cares about putting his team in the best position to win championships – because that’s his job.  Ballerball endorses all things Pop related.  That is all.

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