Expert Q & A – The Rockets Win (who cares who lost)



Last night the Houston Rockets had a very impressive victory over the Lakers.  We did a Q and A with one of our experts about that game.  Instead of focusing on the Lakers loss – lets focus on the Rockets win.

Are you surprised that the Lakers lost again?

Didn’t you read the intro to this column?  This is about the Rockets win, not the Lakers loss.  The Rockets are playing some great basketball and that ought to be celebrated.  Let’s just run with that.

The Rockets have been putting up big numbers against opponents.  As a Rocket opponent, do you think the Lakers will ever get out of this shlump?

Oh come on.  Look, you are right in saying that the Rockets are putting up big numbers.  They are first in the league in scoring.  I’ll address that.  I’m not talking Lakers.  The Rockets are on a five game winning streak and that’s what’s important.

It is important.  Speaking of important, what are the odds that the Lakers miss the playoffs?

Why can’t we just pay attention to the team that won?  The Lakers are a lot of fun to talk about, but we can’t talk Lakers every single day.   This is a respectable basketball publication.

It is?  Oh.  That’s funny.  Anyways, the Lakers used to be respectable – do you think they’ll ever get back to that place?

The Rockets are playing inspired basketball with some pretty awesome guard-play.  James Harden is leading the way but he’s getting help everywhere.  Omer Asik is playing bigger and better than anyone expected.  I really think the Rockets could shock some people in the post season.

Uh huh.  You didn’t really answer my Laker question.

I DON’T WANT TO ANSWER YOUR LAKER QUESTION.  Remember when the Mavs won the championship and the Heat got all the attention for losing?  I’m not doing that again.  Screw the Lakers.  They suck and don’t deserve to be talked about.  The Rockets are do.  They are playing really well!  GOODNESS!

Good point about the Heat.  Why do you think they lost the finals in 2011?


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