Q & A: Kris Humphries

kris humphries

kris humphries

Ballerball caught up with Kris Humphries, forward for the Brooklyn Nets. We asked him some questions and he answered them. We should mention, however, that these are all super fake. Enjoy. Or not.


The feedback for the Foot Locker commercials has been tremendous.

Humphries: It’s good to be back on top. I feel like people are finally starting to see me.

What has been your favorite part of this process?

Probably the dope clothes I get to wear. I get to wear such dope clothes. I really like jeans and I got to wear a lot of jeans so that’s been cool.

What’s your thoughts on James Harden?

Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to be on set together yet. They tend to not let me out of my trailer aside from when I’m shooting. I’m hoping that’s soon, though.

Have you been keeping up with the Kardashians?

Dude. For real? Please don’t do that. I told you I wouldn’t answer questions on that.

Sorry. I had to. Do you think that Kortney and Kim have what it takes to take Miami?

Come on, man. Seriously?

Sorry. It’s just, they’re really easy to ask. Do you miss getting to hang around Mason at all or did you not get an opportunity to bond with him as you had hoped?

Mason’s actually a really sweet kid so shows what you know. He’s also got fantastic hair.

How do you feel about Scott Disick’s new eye patch?

I know you’re making fun of me right now but I actually sincerely think it’s a good look for him.

Cool. Do you think that you’ll wear an eye patch in your next Foot Locker commercial?

If I have my way I will.

What do you say to the rumors that Khloe and Lamar are on the outs?

I say good for Lamar. She’s honestly the second worst human being I’ve ever met. Next to she who must not be named.

Can you point back to the moment Kim realized she had psoriasis as the turning point in your relationship with her? Was it at that point you knew it wouldn’t work?

Sort of. I mean, I loved her. She has a really great butt. If you ever get a chance to see it I highly recommend looking at it. It’s wonderful. Anyways, at that point I realized that for two people, both completely consumed by fame, to try and make it work would be absurd. I lied to myself for awhile, but we weren’t meant to be.

Do you wear Rob’s socks?

I’m not putting on anything that tubby puts out.

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